100wc Terrific Transportation


I think high speed trains are the best form of transportation. I think this because they are fast, reduce pollution, and reduce traffic. High speed trains are also one of the safest ways to travel. Around 10 billion passengers have ridden on Japan’s high speed train alone and none of them have ever died. High speed trains also help with creating jobs, now that these trains are becoming more efficient and useful they are going to start popping up in other places. So, they need workers to build the tracks which creates jobs.

My School Day

Before School:     I usually wake up around 6:30. I get dressed and brush my teeth. Then I grab extra clothes for after school practice. I go downstairs to eat breakfast and pack my lunch and bag. Then between 7:30 and 7:40 I leave for school.When I get to school I go in through the outside gym door instead of standing outside. When I’m in the gym I go to the girls locker room, put my bag in there, then wait for the bell to ring at 7:50.

1st Period: My first period class is math, so I get to get that out of the way first thing in the morning. We have a big math book we use and right now we are in lesson 2 , we jump around in the book a lot. I’m in the advanced math class so this year we have to learn 7th and 8th grade math so next year we can take a high school class. Every week we have 8 Aleks topics due on Friday. I did all the easy ones at the beginning of the year so now I have to do the hard ones.

2nd Period: My second period class is guided study. All I usually do is read and finish my math homework. This goes from 8:51 to 9:41.

3rd Period: My third period class is Language arts. On most days we do silent reading for 15 or so minutes. Then our teacher Mrs. Caudill reads out loud in the read out loud book. Then we go on our chromebooks and do the assignment of the day, like working on our blogs, or the 100wc something along those lines. This period goes from 9:44 to 10:35.

Lunch: Lunch goes from 10:38 to 11:08. All of the 7th grade is together. I sit with most of the girls that I’m friends with which is nice.

AE: AE is another study hall and I usually read or do work that I have due the next day.

5th Period: 5th period is my longest period of the day because during that period the 8th grade is eating lunch and going to AE.  I have science 5th period and right now we are doing a biome project.  This period is 1 hour long and goes from 11:43-12:43. 

6th Period: My 6th period class is social studies and right now we are learning about Athens and Sparta. To go along with our lesson we are watching the movie The 300 which I think is pretty interesting. During this topic we had to pick which city state we would want to be in and I chose Sparta so we will see if I chose the right one or not. This class goes from 12:46- 1:37.

7th Period:  7th period which is my last period of the day is technology. In technology we have little robots that we program to move around and we can change the color and decide how fast or slow it goes which is pretty cool. On Fridays, we do a breakout room instead of the usual. This week we are getting tested on how well we behave with the rovers and if my class does good enough we can program drones next week. This period goes from 1:40-2:30. And our school day ends at 2:30.

After School: After school I either stay or go home because my basketball practice is at 3:45. If I go home after school then I get dressed and eat and the time goes by quicker. But if I stay after school it goes really slow and I have a lot of stuff to carry when practice is over. Practice is over at 5:15 and after I go home eat, hang out then get ready to do it all again the next day.


Week 10

          This picture makes me feel like a storm is coming because of the black sky. Also I feel like I am a tiny person looking at a scientist’s test tubes because of the shape of the nuclear power plants. I also feel like I’m watching the word end because the sky is dark, the colors are mostly dark and it feels like there is no one else in the world. I hope that one day there won’t be as much smoke in the sky and that the skies will be bluer.

Image from 100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge Week #9

When I was brought back to consciousness I could instantly tell there was something urgent going on, and my brother had the most afraid look on his face. He didn’t even have to say anything I knew by the look in his eyes that we had to evacuate immediately. I got up and got ready faster than I ever had in my life and before I knew it I was outside with my life completely sucked out of me. Everywhere I looked something was blood red, and that’s when it finally hit me. The industry had finally been taken over.

About My Avatar

This is my avatar that is supposed to resemble me. It shows what I look like because I have blue eyes and dark brown/brown hair. The skin color isn’t exact, but it gets the point across, so why complain. This also resembles me because I have straight hair.

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